Freelance London-based Creative Producer, Photographer and Filmmaker - EnoEnefiok
London-based Creative Producer, Photographer and Filmmaker


A collection of references from past clients who have worked with London-based video producer Eno Enefiok.

"We initially hired Eno Enefiok for a 2-week project but after seeing how incredibly resourceful and great producer she is, we ended up keeping her for 4 months working on several projects. During this time, she has been managing a big team of freelancers, organising shoots all over Europe for huge tech clients, as well as smashing shoots as 1st Assistant Director. She literally saved our asses on numerous occasions and her energy is contagious. She is THE person to have by your side if you need an experienced Producer or AD."

Xavier Carbo, Creative Producer, House of Greenland


"Eno Enefiok has a number of qualities that all producers should have. Calm efficiency, intelligent problem-solving and clear communication skills are top of my list. She has those qualities, coupled with a diplomat's firm persuasiveness.   Great with cast and crew, she has a natural authority that creates confidence and willingness in her co-workers. She can be light and approachable because underneath she's a heavy-weight and she doesn't have to be told anything twice. As you can see, I'm a bit of a fan... because I appreciate talent. The industry can only benefit from people like Eno so my recommendation is high and I know you'll enjoy working with her. Drop me a mail when you wrap and tell me I'm right."

Terence Harvey, Actor/Producer, Openworld Media Ltd


"Eno Enefiok has been an invaluable asset to my production to date. She is an intelligent hard worker, with an aspiration to better her-self.  The results of her hard work and dedication were that I asked her to assist in a feature film “ The Attachment”. Eno jumped at the chance. As anyone knows who has actually been involved in a feature shoot knows, it is far from an easy ride. Yet I am happy to say that Eno stood her own to the extent I appointed her as 1st AD, helping me to plan and execute all aspects of the production. "

Clement Ofoedu, Writer/Director/Producer, Black Eagle Films