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London-based Creative Producer, Photographer and Filmmaker


The about me page of creative London-based video producer, photographer and filmmaker Eno Enefiok who had over 5 years experience in production video shoots both in London and around the globe.

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Eno, pronounced eh-no,  was born in Nigeria, a world away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but it was there that her fascination with film began. Moving to the UK at the age of nine exposed her to a greater wealth of cinema and despite initially studying and pursuing a career in journalism, her fascination with film never ceased. 

5 years ago, she quit her job and managed to blag her way onto a film set, she's been doing this ever since and over the years has worked as a Producer and 1st Assistant Director on a variety of feature films, Brand films, music videos, shorts and more.

Her short script 'Asylum' recently won best live script at the 2019 British Urban Film Festival (BUFF).

She's in the process of securing funding to turn the script into her directorial narrative debute. Both the script and treatment are available upon requests.


T: +447794371742